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A2 Size High Efficient DTG Printer

Model No.: MT-FPM2-TS

Printing Size: 40*110cm

1.DTG Garment Printer
2.white ink
3.direct to garment printer
4.print on blacks
5.CE and 12 months' warranty



Hot sale A2 size DTG printer, direct to garment printer, t-shirt printing machine, professional RIP software provided. Print 3 T-shirt at one time.


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Screen: Touch panel and full color screen

Control System: PLC Control, programmable and upgradeable.

Transmission Type: Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet interface

Mobility: Both machine head and under plate are moveable, high precision

Printing Size: 42cmx110cm

Printing Quantity: Capable for 3 pcs of A4 t-shirts per cycle

Alarm System: Up, Down, Front, Back, 4 directions with alarm system

Emergency Stop: YES!

Maintenance: Separate maintenance box for easy access



Direct to garment printer, t-shirt etc




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