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WunderBoard Wall Display - Portrait

Model No.: 90025011

Size: Available

  • Model Number: 90025011
  • Material: Alu Board
  • Color: Gloss White, Matte White,Gloss Clear,Matte Clear
  • Thickness: 0.048"
  • Gloss Unit: 110GU
  • Style: High Definition Photo panel
  • Different Size: Available
  • Different Shape: Available


WunderBoard aluminium sublimation panels are designed to showcase fine art high definition photo prints with the most brilliant colours, highest dynamic range and best contrasts of all available printing technologies.

q  Size: Any/Every Size From 2x3" to 48x96", Including Custom Sizes
q  Surfaces: Gloss White, Matte White,Gloss Clear,Matte Clear
q  Display Options: Table Top Easel, Shadow Mount Duo 
      Display Set, Two Keyholes Shadow Mount Duo Display Set,  Hanging Hardware, and More

q  Character: Scratch Resistant, Stain and UV Resistant, 


In contrast to normal direct flatbed printing on composite materials, WunderBoard is a sublimation board, the photos are transferred through a printed transfer paper in a heat press.The sublimation transfer results on WunderBoard sublimation panels are not only brilliantand of outstanding colour depth, but also highly durable and hardwearing.



Gloss White

Gloss Clear

Matt White

Matt Clear

Brilliant gloss white surface for unsurpassed detail and vibrance. This is an marvelous finish for any subject, including natual, landscapes, water scenes, etc.

Metal shows through the image, giving our clear surfaces a unique translucent luminescence.  Designed to showcase photos inblack and white.

Same as gloss clear, but with matte finish with minimal glare. Display fine art or landscape images under direct light and watch images come to life.

Similar color intensity and detail as our gloss white option, with reduced glare. Best choice for portraits, weddings or anytime surface reflection is a concern.




Table Top Easel

Shadow Mount Duo Display Set

Hanging Hardware

This easel mount can stands your print on any desk or table.

Made out of CARB friendly wood, this
 blocks includes two keyholes and 
double-sided adhesive to easily attach
 and hang a WunderBoard metal print.

The hanging hardware acts as a spacer between your picture and the wall, giving your HD metal print the appearance of floating.


WunderBoard HD Metalprints  - Your choice of Gloss White, Matte White,Gloss Clear or Matte Clear

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