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XSTM Automatic Sublimation Transfer Machine -Single Side Two Stations

Model No.: XSTM-40/ XSTM-48/ XSTM-64

Platen Size: 32"x40"/ 40"x48"/ 48"x68"


  • Model: XSTM-40/ XSTM-48/ XSTM-64
  • Machine Type: Automatic, Single Side Two Station
  • Platen Size: 32"x40"/ 40"x48"/ 48"x68"
  • Air Compressor Required: 4.0kgf/c㎡/ 4.5kgf/c㎡/ 5.0kgf/c㎡,
  • Voltage: 220V 1phase/ 220V 3phase/ 380V 3phase
  • Power: 5.1KW/ 7.5KW/ 9.0KW/ 10.8KW
  • Maximum Temp: 225 ℃
  • High Pressure: 8KG/CM
  • Packing Size:148x163x167cm/ 188x173x165cm/ 208x163x167cm
  • Gross Weight: 720kg/ 850kg/ 920kg (Wooden Package)

Two working tables designed at one side of the machine, when the printing finished the tables rolls out while another one will roll into the machine for printing automatically. Two working stations take turns to do the printing. And this machine has 2 cylinders.


 High thermal efficiency

 Designed and built for big productions

 Ideal for sublimation with good productivity and flexibility

 Double Sliding working plate designed at single side

 Platen Size: 80*100cm, 100*120cm, 100*160cm

 Single side design requires less floor space

 Pressure transmitted by 2 cylinders

 GY-06 New Digital Controller

 1 Year Guarantee


 Smaller handle frame, simple and easy operation

 Adopt High Grade New GY-06 digital controller  (reference video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71boWLlbUys)

 Single-cycle transfer mode or Repeat cycle transfer mode for choice.

 Easy adjust the belt tension: adopt specialized hand wheel, very easy to adjust the belt tension. (The belt tension need to be adjusted after a period of using)

 Accurate positioning system: high-precision alignment for upper and under plate.

Machine Type  Automatic, Double Station
 Platen Size  32"x40" (80x100cm) /40"x48" (100x120cm) /48"x68" (120x170cm)
 Controller  GY-06 Digital Time & Temp. Control
 Printable Articles  Printable Articles
 Air Compressor Required  Yes
  Voltage 220V 1phase/ 220V 3phase/ 380V 3phase
 Power   5.1KW/ 7.5KW/ 12KW
 Time Range    0-999 sec
 Maximum Temp  225 C
 Temperature Accuracy  ±0.5%


All the machines are packed in wooden package and provide with manual.


Microtec's primary service goal is to support all of our customers, could deal with their heat transfer business without interruptions.

So Microtec offers FREE SPARE PARTS with quantity order and the following warranty:

*Free lifetime technical support on all heat presses.

*One-year warranty on entire press & parts.

*Five-year warranty on castings and welds.

*Five-year warranty on heat platen.


-Sports goods

-Advertising, flags, banners, accessories.

-Large photo, posters.

-Transfer on Hard Substrate

(ceramic, aluminum, plastic, wood...)


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