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Cutting Plotter -- 1100mm

Model No.: MT-1110

Paper Width: 1100mm






Technical Parameter:

Buffer Capacity: 1M 4M

Cutting Speed: 50-800mm/s

Max. Cutting Width: 1000mm

Max. Cutting Force : 50-500g

CPU: 8-bit CPU

Strip of Plotte: Double Sheet ( Soft sheet & Plastic sheet)

Voltage: 90-260V

Corlor: White, Black & Dark Grey
























American Professional integrated Circuit with high precision and speed.
Serial and Parallel port, USB port (optional), Large memory and quick off-line.
Real time regulation on speed and pressure, setup the origin discretionarily, considering customers at any time.
Most advanced stamp roller in China, ensures the paper feeding will not deviate for long time, high precision and long life-time.
Large LCD with Chinese/English character, supporting pre-setup function, operation status is clearly shown.
Popular cutting language, supporting any kinds of software in the market as SIGNCUT, ARTCUT and so on.
Support Flexisign software.
USB system supporting Made-to-order.
Three blades come with the cutting plotter
We can offer you lifetime technical support for all products.
 Lifetime warranty on the  element of our Cutting Plotter.
1 year warranty on the whole machine.
24-hour technical support by email or calling.
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