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Eco-solvent Transfer Paper - Light

Model No.: ET-150R

Size: 0.75m x 30m / roll



Color: White & Light

Size: 0.75m x 30m / roll

As a 16+ years experienced heat press & sublimation blanks manufacturer, Microtec provides various type of sublimation transfer paper and heat transfer paper for your selection. You may want to choose the best one type when you considering the transfer quality and the price. Microtec can offer you lots of solutions according your different requirement.


Printer setting: mirror image, the printer should be heat before printing

Printing parameter: room temperature:normal temperature25°C

Precision: 1440DPI

Ink300: relative

Humidity: RH%75

Heat press setting: 185°C,15seconds,medium/high pressure,hot/cold peel after heat press                      

Fabric: can be transferred any light fabric (white,pink etc) fabric(such as:t-shirt, sweater garments,mouse-pad etc.)

Packing:1 roll/box                        

Heating Tips: To make sure the image more colorful and durable, the back paper have to directly contact with the heat Press Board.


The only one light paper in the eco-solvent printable flex series            

Back paper:without any mark                      

Hot/cold Peel after heat press                          

High quality                  

Good stretch                          

High resilience                                                          

Soft hand feeling                

Good washable(wash in washing machine for more than 80Times)                                          

Can be heated by Heat press machine or House hold Iron on.                            

Can be cutting by large format cutting plotter or by hand 



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